You are Like the Rain in May 

You are like the rain in May–
I don’t know when you are near, or far
if you will land gently in midst of afternoon slumbers
or pound on my windows with the urgency of midnight.
Out of the corner of my eyes, with the tips of my fingers
I search for your nonchalant gait,
your cool breath upon the nape of my neck
or the haze that rises from the ground
after you have devoured all things dry.
When you are just around the corner
I shiver in anticipation.
And every passing night that I strain to hear your footsteps
gently padding across the grass
and am only met with quiet,
I close my eyes
in fear of Silence.


Most days, I resign myself to the unknowns of tomorrow and bottle up my words; I let the rain outside the window say it all instead. Here are more songs for a rainy day:  

Today I’d like to talk about my obsession with leather goods. Even on a tight budget, I am not shy about investing in leather–good leather lasts for years, and even decades, and its soft, buttery texture only gets better with age. Whether it is shoes, or bags, or a bomber jacket, leather items are possibly the only items that I deem worth of the hefty price tag.

Speaking of that hefty price tag though, I also think that many manufacturers of leather goods go overboard in marking up their items; yes, they require attention and care in the production process, and yes, there are costs that come with the brand name, but still! Sometimes it gets a little ridiculous. (Celine box bags, I’m looking at you right now.)

What I do to try to mediate my craving for good leather versus the constraints of a dwindling bank account is to try and find many up-and-coming designers who produce great leather goods at “affordable” prices. These items are sturdy, well made, beautifully designed, and in my opinion, decently priced for the value that they give. Although I’d like to keep this trove of beloved items secret, I’m sharing them today with you, my fellow leather-lovers. Enjoy!


Lovely tan leather pouch from Vianel Studios.


Absolutely gorgeous leather sneakers from Feit. Oh goodness me.

Pink bucket bag from Mum & Co. Aaaah!

Last but not least, the Bowery Clutch from Reece Hudson. I want this so badly you have no idea. I also know that a clutch has minimal practicality, and thus my obsession is a little irrational. But I am obsessed and would do anything to get my hands on this beauty. Reece Hudson is killing the game right now.

Which one would you like? (All, I say, all!) Happy drooling/shopping!


I am in love with lace this spring. It is feminine, delicate, sexy and timeless at the same time. You do not have to bare skin or wear extravagant accessories to stand out. A simple lace dress and clean open-toe sandals will do.

I’ve been bringing out this Dolce Vita lace dress on the sunniest of days–for April, it is freezing where I am…spring, where are you?–and it’s always brought upon a touch of lightness in my gait and nods of appreciation from many strangers. If spring refuses to come to me, I will wear it until it relents.

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

dress by dolce vita

sandals by camper 

jewelry by gorjana

Here are some other lovely lace picks that if I could, I would buy all.

Dolce Vita- Abree Maxi Dress 

Dolce Vita Joao Dress


Jen’s Pirate Booty Halter Dress 

Happy (nearly) spring & mandatory lacy afternoons…



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